Beets to Polymers

Suikerunie, Philips, RUG, AMIBM, API
Brightlands Chemelot Campus Geleen
Biobased, Polymeren, Materials
Gesloten Collaboratie






The challenge for this project is to apply chemicals from sugar derivatives to new materials that can be implemented in a number of different markets.  The target materials derive their right to exist from a unique set of functionalities that are  available at an acceptable price from the local sugar industry.  At present, incumbent materials are often (solely) fossil, have a different achievement profile and being  internationally procured for this application.  Besides this, the appropriate materials  will at first be produced in limited but sufficient quantities in order to gain scientific insights and to connect with the buyer’s demands.
Maastricht University and Groningen University have the appropriate knowledge and equipment at their disposal to provide industrial grade samples from within their laboratories. If these perform sufficiently they can be put through an upscaling program.  The industrial partners in the consortium are Suikerunie, Philips and Astron.


Startdatum: September 2013

Betrokken Partijen: Chemelot Campus, Maastricht University

Projectfase: Realisatie

Openheid: Gesloten Collaboratie

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